japanese.films.1 – the 13 assassins

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2012 at 9:37 pm

I’m starting a nice series of Japanese films. The first one is about the killing of a sickly destructive noble in feudal japan. To do that a master samurai gathers other 11 good fighters (and they find also an extra member on the way, for a total of 13). The last hour of the film (total time 2h05min) is dedicated to a battle of 13 men against 200 men. If you like feudal Japan, it is a very nice movie. If you are curious, beware it’s a bit violent due to sword fights, but it is not overdoing, it has an emotional side which in the end is not so ‘cheap’. I would recommend this film to somebody who is into mangas about feudal japan. Here is the trailer (note: there is another youtube “original trailer” of this, which however i find (somewhat idiotic and) not representative of the spirit of the film… click the photo for the trailer, in japanese):


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